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LFMK – Looking for My Killer!

LFMK – Looking for My Killer!.

LFMK -Looking for My Killer!

Sounds absolutely delicious! –decadent! –can’t wait to dig in! –dibs on seconds!

Thylias Moss Writing

Happy to report that I’ve made , in my mind, significant progress on a collection of “prose poams”: LFMK (“Looking for My Killer”) a project begun some years ago, that lapsed; I never completed it, but recently, just a couple of days, completed an initial draft.   Will spend the next few days trying to make a more definitive version – project inspired by a request from a friend, Daniel Vidal Soto, to contribute to a project: “Pangea Underground Worldwide“, and for that project, I located my video poam: LFMK (“Looking for my Killer”) –which  led to my rediscovery of the associated prose poams which I began revising… And now: Looking for my Killer is a manuscript in progress!  

Some of the prose poams the manuscript contains have been previously published! 

Very excited about this process! –and another thank you; huge thank you to:

Daniel Vidal Soto

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