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Modern Woman

I whole heartedly approve; once you know what’s important, don’t go against it…the worse that can happen is that you’ll be alone, and seems it’s worth the risk.

Thylias Moss Writing

I have learned that I am not a modern woman if a modern woman means a woman who will have sex indiscriminately.  Sex is not the same as a simple handshake; not for me.  I like sex a lot, but I am choosey, and deciding that he would be the man was a decision; I did not take it lightly.  I gave him something II have not given to any other man.   He did;’t ask me to do this.  And he isn’t doing this himself, but I am, because I d not ever want multiple partners.  I’m strictly a one man at a time woman..

That kind of touching is sacred to me, and I’m most particular with whom it happens.  I realize that this means certain physical pleasures may not happen for me, but sex will be even more special, and that is how I prefer it.  


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The man I prefer…

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Modern Woman

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