FREE International poetry contest ($3200 in prizes!) – Cha Int’l Poetry Prize, DEADLINE: Nov. 30, 2017

Great opportunity! I plan to try this (despite how unsettled my life is right now)

Trish Hopkinson

The Cha International Poetry Prize is now open for entries! There is no fee to enter this contest and it is open to ALL poets.

This is a themed contest and all poems entered “Each poem must be a translation (loosely defined) of a text (loosely defined) from/about Hong Kong or China, written originally in English or Chinese, into a poem that is about contemporary Hong Kong.” Per the Cha Facebook page, “Writers are asked to write NEW poems in response to or updating or in dialogue with, etc. existing texts. ‘Translation’ is loosely defined here.”

This contest was created in collaboration with PEN Hong Kong to celebrate the tenth anniversary issue of Cha and to mark the twentieth anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover.

Click here to read contest guidelines

DEADLINE: November 30, 2017 


THEME: NEW poems in response to or updating or in dialogue…

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