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Never the twain shall meet

Worth thinking about, a meal of perspective

Dad, what's for supper?

Kipling was right.

He has fallen out of favor, but he was right.

My phone has been blowing up with friends on the right and friends on the left. Yes, I am right of center on a lot of issues.  On a couple I am way to the left.

Basically, I want the government to leave me and mine the hell alone. I want good roads, good defense, good laws to let us all thrive.  That’s my version of the social contract.  I’m not asking it to be your version.  I’m not asking you to agree.

“He’s a liar”

“She’s a liar”

“F*** the Dems”

“F*** the Republicans”

“I love Lindsay”

“I hate Lindsay”

“Your Senator is crazy”

“Are u watching this?”

“You Southerners  [eye roll emoji]”

“Feinstein is the WORST”

“Hatch is old”

“Ghastly Grassley Is Gassy”

“Leahy looks like the Crypt Keeper”

“Flake is named perfectly”

“Go to…

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