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The tragic real-life fate of three Columbo stars

Nothing better than Columbo!


Columbo remains such comforting viewing that it can be hard to imagine any of its stars suffering from untimely ends – no matter what happened to their characters on-screen.

However, not all were lucky enough to live to a ripe old age. And today I’m examining the tragic real-life fates of three Columbo guest stars – including one of the best loved of all, Jack Cassidy.

Be warned, these are genuinely sad stories so if you are feeling in any way heavy-hearted, please consider reading at another time.

Jack Cassidy

Appeared in Murder by the Book (1971); Publish or Perish (1973 – pictured below); Now You See Him (1976)

Columbo Riley Greenleaf

The greatest of all Columbo killers, in this correspondent’s opinion at least, Jack Cassidy’s tragic demise still wrenches the heartstrings over 40 years since it took place.

“Cassidy’s legacy is such that all other Columbo killers are compared to him.”


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Publication of an Essay

Source: Publication of an Essay

FREE International poetry contest ($3200 in prizes!) – Cha Int’l Poetry Prize, DEADLINE: Nov. 30, 2017

Great opportunity! I plan to try this (despite how unsettled my life is right now)

Trish Hopkinson

The Cha International Poetry Prize is now open for entries! There is no fee to enter this contest and it is open to ALL poets.

This is a themed contest and all poems entered “Each poem must be a translation (loosely defined) of a text (loosely defined) from/about Hong Kong or China, written originally in English or Chinese, into a poem that is about contemporary Hong Kong.” Per the Cha Facebook page, “Writers are asked to write NEW poems in response to or updating or in dialogue with, etc. existing texts. ‘Translation’ is loosely defined here.”

This contest was created in collaboration with PEN Hong Kong to celebrate the tenth anniversary issue of Cha and to mark the twentieth anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover.

Click here to read contest guidelines

DEADLINE: November 30, 2017 


THEME: NEW poems in response to or updating or in dialogue…

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Columbo Lego set, anyone?

Hurry with these sets!

I got to have one or two or three, etc.


Columbo Lego set 5

Columbo collectibles are pretty hard to come by. There are some vintage novels and some ultra-cool 70s’ film posters to be had, but by and large fans have to suffice with just the DVD boxset.

That’s why the idea of a Columbo Lego set really appeals to me. Everyone likes Lego, after all, don’t they? And seeing our favourite Lieutenant immortalised in brick format would be pretty sweet.

I even had a Columbo Lego set on my wishlist of items I’d like to see to commemorate the show’s 50th anniversary in 2018 (read the full list here). Most will never happen. But there is a slim chance Lego Columbo could come to pass if enough fans support the cause.

Lego Columbo: here’s how you can help

An enterprising chap known only as ‘ThomasW’ is trying to get a rather delightful Columbo Lego set through Lego Ideas – which…

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On the food watch: iguanas


Arnold Zwicky's Blog

It starts in Miami, with this photo that Kyle Wohlmut took there last weekend and posted on Facebook:

(#1) Floridian street iguana on the prowl

Green iguanas are an invasive pest in Puerto Rico and south Florida; the obvious solution is that they be cooked and eaten, the way they are in Mexico (and elsewhere in Central America). So it was natural for a Facebook reader to ask what sauce you use on an iguana.

Well, clearly, Lizard Lick barbecue sauce.

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A stay in medical Antarctica

Sums it up well. Now for some Russian beluga and caviar,

Arnold Zwicky's Blog

Yesterday’s medical adventure, set off by my shortness of breath during exertion, especially in hot weather (which we’ve been having a lot of; my symptoms became worrisome on a weekend in May when the temperature in Palo Alto reached 107 F). I was referred to a cardiologist; alarmed, she set up yesterday’s myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) test, specifically via single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Details to follow.

The test involved hours at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, much of it sitting around between its parts. The actual imaging parts of the test took place in astonishingly icy rooms — which I came to refer to as medical Antarctica — so that I was shivering with cold when I left after 5 hours.

In the sitting-around parts of the event, I read through most of the latest (August 7th and 14th) issue of the New Yorker. To leaven the stark…

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Mike’s Story

Source: Mike’s  

New Romance Novel!

I am extraordinarily pleased to announce immediate availability of that Romance novel I had been talking about!     All about the romance between Vashti Astapad Warren and Thomas Robert Higgin…

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Morning name: javelina

I love Javelinas! Siempre!

Arnold Zwicky's Blog

The morning name from 2/10/16: javelina, the animal. Which then led to javelin, the weapon and equipment in a track and field event. No, they have absolutely nothing to do with one another, etymologically, phonologically, or semantically.

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Forthcoming Book!

wannabe_frontHappy to announce that my 11th book:

Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code”, a volume of New & Selected Poetry 

will be available in September 2016

(from Persea Books)

I could not be more excited, as it’s been  2007 since I’ve had a new book!

RED DRESS CODE-04  –me in a “Red Dress”, practicing for the author photo. This photo captured by my photographer son

I’m so grateful to be alive!

The book  is a bit overdue, and comes after events that nearly took my life! Believe it or not, rupture of a cranial aneurysm in July 2011!

Guess who’s amazingly still here?