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Whitney’s Gone…but I’m still here

Whitney’s gone, but I’m still here
(hoping to take advantage of this gift)

(–maybe the world needed or wanted Whitney more —
but she is gone, and I remain to do what I can –but I can’t sing as she did, certainly not at the peak of her career in the 80’s and early 90’s, but perhaps I’ll do what I can –what more or else? I expect to fall short, human that I am without choice or argument).

Whitney’s gone

(but I’m not, not that our lives should be conflated;
I would disappear without fanfare or even notice beyond my family & employer, maybe a few friends from neighborhoods where I’ve lived; a handful of doctors who may still wonder a bit exactly who I am/was).

What should I do with this “extra” time that is mine
–not that I really believe that I have “extra” time;
I don’t think my time on earth has lengthened; I don’t think that suddenly I have skills previously lacking, but I can see (a little) more of my son –I hope at least another 20 years though the world may be gone, and I may have entered another dimension presently (though not necessarily forever) inaccessible from here. Perhaps climate changes will make the planet inhospitable to life as humanity has known it and has come to expect it (with some religious-based differences).

Will there be enough food and and clean, fresh water?
Something that has led to me has been here since life on Earth began, so I may have descendants who will struggle to survive (along with all other lifeforms), but the easy ride (fortunately, humanity did not have to share this world with dinosaurs, but recent work suggests –pretty much confirms for me– that birds are descendants of dinosaurs and that some of these past lizards may have been feathered –the male t-Rex may have been quite a bit more familial –caring, involved with rearing young
t-rexes, etc. He may have stayed with the nest, protecting it, decorating it, etc). He may have been one of the early gardeners.

I don’t know what kind of gardener Whitney was (or in more time would have become).

I am not (never have been) noted for my gardening. I did receive a small plot to care for long ago as part of the Moses Cleaveland school gardening program). My mother has performed more admirably with plants; she deserves an award from me (my father is no longer here to award her personally, but she believes she’ll be reunited with him –and with all others who have departed
–including Whitney and the dinosaurs).