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Relative sizes of things, including meals

Single Life – part 2

Compared with that extreme devastation, I realize just how fortunate I am, with all my ailments, even my brain is affected.  
MS is taking such a physical toll on this “single” body….
Very difficult to perform my job offering “limited fork tines” ( to anyone (ideally “everyone”) who can become interested –single or not, interested in opposing or same sex people or anything –on any scale –in any location –for any duration
–including for the first time in an adult existence….
Every meal, every snack, –but not the poison of that rape when I was 15 –temporary, like anything, everything –in any universe (I suspect that there are many, and that they’re connected, if only through reflection and imagination –anything thought of becomes part of a system of “now” …. And so forth.
…TO BE CONTINUED (like everything…. [every extinctions are forms of continuance]….

Review: Nova’s Secrets of the Sun

Coronal mass ejections help to offer understandings about evolutions and “limited forking”.



Rating: Must see for any science buff.

Summary:  This documentary had detailed the correlation between solar maximum, sun spots and coronal mass ejections set to climax in 2013. This 2012 release had provided graphic depictions of the sun’s various layers with their importance of projecting energy. The various speakers had illustrated the delicate balance of sun’s magnetic forces and fusion. With video from the SDO project, the sun’s natural imagery has far surpassed any Hollywood cgi depiction. At 53 minutes it had provided relevance to  the UK Telegraph’s story Nasa launches Iris space craft to study’s sun’ energy and my previous blog: Solar Flares + Western Theology.

Available on You Tube: Nova’s Secrets of the Sun

More information on Nasa’s: SDO project,

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