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nobrainer Imagine that you cannot see or hear and have no sense of smell, taste or touch. Imagine that you have no arms or legs or mouth. Imagine that you have no brain. How would you find food? How would you survive?

On his blog, Matt Russell tells the story of how bacteria manage to survive and thrive despite not having any of the basic tools that we would consider essential for living. It’s a story of survival against the odds that can perhaps teach us something about ourselves.

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Lucretius of “Puddle Wow!”

Everything needed is here!!  –how this forks and forks and forks! 

forking hair!

forky makeup to frame anything, and to improve how someone consuming something can look!

Any meal enhanced by such makeup! –suitable for snacks, desserts.

forky make-up art! –desserts and snacks!

Antonio Mora snacks, desserts and treats

Delicious images –a foundation for many treats, and snacks ! –enjoy!  cactus head by Antonio Mora (more…)